Wantage Counselling Service

Who can make use of counselling

Most people can benefit from talking to a trained and independent counsellor.

We offer individual counselling, couples counselling and counselling to young people 15years or over.

Working in a one to one relationship with a counsellor can help resolve many past and present difficulties and can often make all the difference in helping people cope with difficulties and enable them to feel more at ease with themselves. Literally it can be life changing.

Couples and relationship counselling can be a life-line to couples who are struggling. It can really help to understand how it is you actually relate to each other and how these insights can make all the difference.

Young people face particular challenges and difficulties in our modern world and our trained counsellors can help deal with a whole range of issues from sexual health, family breakdown or anger management, to feelings of inadequacy or fear.

Counselling for Businesses
Occupational health is high on the agenda for many businesses and the mental and emotional well-being of employees is taken seriously by modern management.

Businesses often lack their own resources to deal with stress and other work related emotional issues affecting employees.

The Wantage Counselling and Training Centre can offer businesses a reliable and professional service that can help employees and the needs of your business.

Our Clinical Lead can meet with you to formulate a service package tailored to your needs.

What do I do next?

Contact us by telephone, or email if you would prefer. You will be offered an initial assessment appointment with one of our counsellors. You will be able to explore and decide whether you think counselling is suitable for you,it also helps us to know if we are the right agency for you. We offer this first appointment free of charge, you will be asked to pay a Deposit which may be used towards payment of your regular counselling. Thereafter, if agreed upon, regular weekly counselling will be made available as soon as possible.

Limits of confidentiality are explained in WCTC Service Handbook and the Counsellor /Client Agreement.

· Counselling sessions are strictly confidential within WCTC, except in the following cases:

· Counsellors discuss their work with their supervisor. All supervisors are bound by similar codes of ethics and confidentiality to WCTC

· If WCTC believe there is a risk of harming to self or others, WCTC reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm.
WCTC would only do this in extreme circumstances and would always try to discuss it with people involved first.

· If a disclosure is made where WCTC identify that a vulnerable adult, young person or child is in danger of harm or abuse. However,
we would always try to discuss this with the people involved first.

· If WCTC is obliged by a court of law to do so.

· Where drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism or radicalisation is identified.

· WCTC follow BACP guidelines in Good Practice in Action 014 – Managing Confidentiality within the counselling professions.

· WCTC adheres to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions 2018.b/>

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